Posted on 03/10/2013.

A chapter of the International Dark Sky Association has been established which will be of great benefit to the residents of Apple Valley, and the SouthWest Science Center, particularly the SWSC Astronomical Observatory.

This new chapter's name is IDA Utah

As the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide, IDA celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2008. Over the past twenty years, IDA has grown from two members and volunteers, to a membership of over 11,000 and full time staff. In leading the fight against light pollution, IDA has published a number of articles and helpful guides and a quarterly newsletter highlighting the leading topics in dark sky preservation. This is in addition to award winning and highly popular meetings and events plus a number of programs and features, such as the Fixture Seal of Approval Program (FSA) and the International Dark Sky Communities (IDSC), Parks(IDSP), and Reserves(IDSR) Programs.

The mission of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) is to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.

The IDA, through it policies and efforts, seeks to:

Improve the nighttime environment by reducing light pollution through better lighting practices that provide:

  • Energy savings resulting in economic benefits
  • Superb nighttime ambience and quality of life
  • Conservation of nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems
  • SafeGuarding of scientific and educational opportunities, such as astronomy
  • Preservation of cultural heritage and inspiration for the arts
  • increased visibility, safety, and security at night by reducing glare
  • Protection of human health

The ultimate goal for the Town of Apple Valley is to recieve the honored designation as an "International Dark Sky Community". There are currently only four communities with this designation in the world today! The process of obtaining that designation has begun and the first step to accomplish this is to form a chapter of IDS.

An invitation: Members of the chapter can be of any age, and can join the chapter at no cost. For those who want to also become a member of IDA, there is a yearly $35 donation to IDA. But being an IDA member is not required for membership of the IDA Utah Chapter.

To learn more about the international organization, go to the International Dark-Sky Association.

To become a member of IDA Utah, please contact us by email at or contact Brent at 229-1633 or Kristine at 467-5676.